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Slow Leaks

Slow leaks in a compressed air system

The other day I noticed the air pressure in my tire was low and slowly getting lower. I filled the tire with air and kept on driving. After a week, I drove to a few stores and noticed my car was driving strangely. When I stopped and got out of the car and looked, I noticed I had an almost flat tire. So, I put in more air and checked my tire, I found a nail in the tire. We fixed the tire, and I have no more issues with air leaking.

Just like tire pressure, your compressed air systems could also have slow leaks, and this can cause you issues and problems. Over time a small leak could turn into a big problem, or it could just be costing you money. Did you know that a well-designed 100 PSIG compressed air system exhibits no more than 70 PSI pressure loss between the compressor discharge and the point of use? If your system exceeds this, then you have a problem, you are using more energy than you need to, and you may be performing poorly.  We encourage you to ensure your compressed air system is optimizing air flow the best it can without leaks or issues.

Things to look at are:

Is the compressed air piping and distribution system optimized?

Have you followed the preventative maintenance schedule for your compressors and dryers?

Have the air filters been changed regularly?

Do you have a higher demand for air because of leaks and inefficient use of your compressed air?

Do you have proper storage to maintain proper system pressure?

IF YOU NOTICE ANY OF THESE ISSUES, PLEASE CALL SAWYER RIGHT AWAY!!!!! We are trained to look for leaks, and we want to help!

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