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Today most businesses have updated lighting and worked with the contractor and their power provider for a rebate.  This rebate is designed to help cover the cost to go to new more efficient lighting.   Sawyer Compressor works closely with the electrical providers on rebates for new more efficient compressor.  These compressors use a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) drive to cut down on energy and save you money.   So, if you are interested in hearing about how to save on your monthly electric bill and get your free money from your electrical provider please give us a shot. Here are a few of the benefits:

Improved Energy Efficiency

A typically compressor will take the power and spin an electrical motor will spin at a continuous.  The speed of the motor does not change regardless of the system’s requirements but the compressor makes different amounts of compressed air based on the inlet of the compressor.  This leads to wasted energy.

If a VFD compressed is installed, the speed of the motor is based on the compressed air system demand. Which means your energy cost will follow your compressed air usage. Over time saving end users on their electric charges over time.

Reduced System Downtime with Added Protection

Newer VFDs will watch incoming power and monitor your motor closely.  There for if the power changes it will shut the unit.  Also, if the motor where to be pulling high amps it will shut the compressor off.  Both of these are protecting the unit from costly motor repairs.

Improve the Working Life of Components

These new VFD compressor require less inlet activity because the inlet says open and the motor speed dictates how much air is made. Reduced stress on the inlet controls will eliminating the unnecessary wear and tear.

Reduced Starting Currents

A VFD can lower the starting current by as much as 80% which puts much less stress on the energy grid and the motors. Additionally, starting torque is unaffected and with less pressure on the electrical system, other electrical components and equipment are at less risk for failure because of reduced energy frequency fluctuations.

VFDs offer many more benefits for your air compressor system than just these mentioned, and the technology is only getting better each year. Consider installing one in your operation, and you’ll be bound to notice the positive impacts quickly.

ACT Quickly

Call us today while your power provider hands out free money.  Sawyer Compressor would love to talk to you more on improving your system.

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