Where is the easy button?

We have talked before about compressed air being referred to as the fourth utility and how it is a power source, but do you really understand why?

Compressed air is versatile and adaptable; it easily flows through pipes and valves, quickly filling a space. It can be compressed to higher pressures, stored as energy, and used to perform many types of work processes.

Unlike the other utilities, compressed air is generated on-site, giving users much more control over usage and air quality.

Here are a few examples of why compressed air is so easy to use:

  • You can store compressed air in tanks that can go to places where there is no other power is available or practical.
  • You don’t have to worry about an explosion hazard or fire risk like with other energy sources when using compressed air
  • Equipment operated by compressed air can function at extreme temperatures
  • Compressed air can have a high degree of cleanliness, where quality, hygiene and safety are essential
  • If there isn’t a pipe system around compressed air can be stored in bottles and used
  • As a power source, compressed air does not interfere with electrical monitoring equipment
  • Air tools are often much lighter than the equivalent electrical models, making them easier for an operator to handle.
  • Air tools are ideal for challenging applications such as in steel mills and foundries where the conditions are almost destructible; however, with periodic maintenance the tools can continue to run at their peak efficiency.