Ways to Maintain the Proper Air Quality Level for Your Business

Sawyer wants to help your business keep compressed air energy costs down and help to keep production levels up. Did you know that poor air quality can have a negative effect on production equipment and can increase energy consumption and maintenance needs? Quality of air produced should be guided by the quality required by the end-use equipment. Have you looked at how the quality of air is in your place of business and how your machines are tolerating the air around them.  Particulate, moisture, and lubricant contaminates the air and can cause things to get into your machines. Let us help you help to determine if your air quality level is good and if you should invest in some things to help make the quality even better. Once we have determined what you may need to have great air quality, we will recommend things like separators, filters, dryers and condensate drains. Treatment equipment maintenance is critically important for sustaining the desired air quality levels.


Some ways Sawyer will suggest helping to keep costs down are explained next.


Grouping Equipment with Similar Air Quality Requirements

Do you have your equipment that has similar end use placed by each other? This will help when installing the appropriate air treatment equipment you may need. This will also keep costs down on piping and parts when equipment is installed.  Sometimes, grouping similar requirements of best quality air together is not always practical; if the requirement for this class is sufficiently high (70% or more of total), consider supplying the entire plant with this air quality level. If practical, separation of groups of end uses requiring similar pressure and air quality also allows some compressors and air treatment equipment to be located close to the end uses.



There are three types of compressed air filters (particulate, coalescing, and adsorption) have different functions and must be selected for the appropriate application. Let Sawyer help you decide what filters would be best for you to achieve the best air quality. We know that some end uses may require a higher level of air quality than others and we know that some filters are rated for different things. Let us take the confusion out of everything and let us explain what would be best for you.




Compressed air dryers can be very effective at removing condensate from compressed air. Dryers are of three types: deliquescent, refrigerated, and desiccant. Each dryer could provide a different pressure dew point. Over-drying a system could be a waste of energy to you. Do you know what is best for your business? Don’t worry Sawyer is here to help you with this.



Moisture separators and condensate traps are used to remove condensate from the air stream. Because the first step in condensate removal is to separate it from the air stream, moisture separators should follow each intercooler and aftercooler.  We have different size separators at Sawyer that we could recommend to you.


Condensate Traps

There are four main types of condensate drains:  manual, level-operated mechanical (float) traps, electrically-operated solenoid valves and zero-loss traps with reservoirs. Traps should allow removal of condensate, but not compressed air, and should not be left open. We have many different drains and traps here in stock.