Brian Sawyer



Brian grew up and is a resident in Hudsonville. He worked with the family nursery before starting his own business over 25 years ago. His natural ability for things mechanical has led to his passion for engines and making them go faster, if something can go 100mph he will make it do 150mph. Of course, this is always done legally on the drag strip or Bonneville Salt Flats but never in front of the shop on Chicago Drive. His work ethic and his drive to make it better have helped him build a compressor company that is one of the most sought after in the industry. He has many contacts that call throughout the day looking for units or bouncing ideas off him. With Brian it does not matter if the equipment has to move at 6000 rpms or just 100 rpms he is neat, clean, and organized. Projects get done right or the project is not done. Customers and employees are very important in his life.