Sawyer Compressor and Berlin Raceway continue partnership in 2012

Berlin Raceway is pleased to welcome Sawyer Compressor back as a sponsor for the 2012 season.
Sawyer Compressor has been involved with Berlin Raceway for over 20 years. Through events at the track, patrons have been exposed to Sawyer Compressor and thus the relationship has helped to develop business for them throughout the years as Berlin Raceway is a great place to get their message out to a variety of people each and every week. In addition to the growing business, Sawyer Compressor enjoys coming out to the track to relax, enjoy conversations with family, friends, co-workers, vendors and customers.

“These years have given us many great memories of things we experienced and watched. Some of us remember the days of Chet on the golf cart or Jimmy calmly whipping the black flag on a driver or a whole race that had reached the point of dangerous,” said Paul Steigenga, General Manager of Sawyer Compressor. “No matter what the memory might be it brings a smile to our face. We are excited to be a part of Berlin Raceway this year and know that there will be great memories in the making with a flashback to the dirt days, as Berlin ends the 2012 season.

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