About Sawyer Compressor

  • Who is the Sawyer Compressor?

    Sawyer Compressor is company that will design, deliver, build and maintain the compressed air system to the point it is used or connected to a piece of equipment in the customer’s facility.

  • Where is Sawyer Compressor?

    4090 Chicago Dr. Hudsonville MI

  • What is the phone number?

    Sawyer Compressor can be reached 24-7 at 800-506-3320.

  • What are Sawyer Compressors hours of operation?

    Monday – Thursday 7am – 5pm, Fridays 7am – 4pm and emergency technicians are available 24-7

  • What air compressor and dryer manufactures does Sawyer Compressor service?

    Sawyer can provide service to all manufactures.

Emergency Services

  • Does Sawyer Compressor provide 24-7 Service and Parts?

    Sawyer Compressor can be contacted anytime by calling 800-506-3320. If it is after hours a prompt will direct you to an extension which will get you in touch with a Sawyer Compressor tech ASAP.

  • What is the cost for after-hours emergencies?

    The cost of labor is 50% greater (time and a half) with a 2 hour labor charge for parts only. The parts cost does not change.

  • Does Sawyer Compressor have rental units?

    Sawyer has electrical and diesel portable compressors along with many compressed air dryers.  Both stocked and ready to go in Hudsonville.

Parts & Service

  • How can I receive parts?

    You can call anytime or stop into our location during normal business hours. If Sawyer compressor does not have the parts we will order them for you. The customer can either pick them up or we can have them UPS to your location.

  • Where does Sawyer Compressor perform service?

    Sawyer Compressors has stocked service vehicles that will go to the customer’s location to perform the service but can also work on anything 125hp and smaller at Sawyer Compressors facility.

  • Does Sawyer Compressor form preventative service contracts?

    Sawyer Compressor has service agreements. We do not force customer to sign a contract. We trust our good work will keep doing business with our customers.


  • Can Sawyer Compressor work with the customer with plant layout?

    Yes, Sawyer Compressor can design the compressor room piping, ductwork, and venting. We then can design and build a compressed air piping system throughout the plant.

  • Can Sawyer Compressor provide turnkey air solutions?

    Yes, Sawyer has a team of people in house to design, build, and maintain your compressed air system.  The only thing that Sawyer will out source is electrical.

  • What type of equipment does Sawyer Compressor offer?

    Sawyer can provide anything from the point the air is made to the point it is delivered to the equipment in a plant. This often includes the following: high and low pressure air compressors, compressed air dryer, filtration, piping and venting in ductwork throughout the plant and the compressor room.

  • Does Sawyer Compressor provide air audit?

    Yes, Sawyer Compressor will provide a supply and demand audit. We will make sure that you are given the best equipment to meet your demands and requirements.