Emergency Services

Sawyer Compressor supports all customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year service. For Emergency Service call Sawyer Compressor at 616-669-6040 and listen for the prompt to dial extension 2. This will put you in contact with the On Call technician who will discuss your emergency and the required parts and equipment necessary to get your equipment repaired or supply you with a compressor to meet your air needs.

Need Help? 616.669.6040

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How To FAQ's

Does Sawyer Compressor provided 24-7 Service and Parts?

Sawyer Compressor can be contacted anytime by calling 800-506-3320. If it is after hours a prompt will direct you to an extension which will get you in touch with a Sawyer Compressor tech ASAP.

What is the cost for after hour’s emergencies?

The cost of labor is 50% greater and there will be a 2 hour labor charge for parts only. The parts cost does not change

Does Sawyer Compressor have rental units?

Sawyer has electrical and diesel portable compressors along with many compressed air dryers. Both stocked and ready to go in Hudsonville.

24/7 Support Details

We provide 24/7 support to all of our customers. Call Sawyer Compressor at 616-669-6040 and listen to prompt to dial extension 2.